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FTTC Fibre broadband is where a fibre cable runs from an exchange to a street cabinet that contains broadband equipment. From here it is linked to buildings and homes via an existing copper network. This result in lightning-fast download speeds with more resilience and stability than traditional broadband.

FTTP Fibre broadband provides a fibre optic connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your premises. FTTP’s 100% fibre connection offers superfast speeds and improves the performance of your internet connection.

Why choose fibre broadband?
  • Surf, upload or download data quickly, even when several users are on the same connection
  • Enjoy higher quality eve voice and video calls
  • Less waiting time for rich media, large complex files and online business processes
  • Utilise more cloud computing resources, thereby reducing hardware and software expense
  • Additional bandwidth will improve the performance of Virtual Private Networks, making uploading and downloading of files more efficient – employees can work remotely more easily

Unlimited usage: No unexpected charges
Unlike other broadband products in the market, all of our fibre broadband products are offered without download limits – making it easy for you to manage your costs without unexpected charges creeping in.

Traffic prioritisation: Put your voice requirements first
Traffic prioritisation means that traffic will be prioritised across the network, with time and business critical applications such as voice and VPN being at the top of the list. HTTP, HTTPS and email will sit in the middle with media streaming and P2P at the bottom of the priority list.